Updgrade your Original METARchart

If you have one of our original charts (which didn't have configuration options), you can upgrade it to support all the new customisations of METARchart2.

We're committed to our METARcharts, and will continue to ensure that all METARcharts get any new features unless limited by the hardware.

The new METARchart2 has the following additional functionality;

  • Customise the standard colours
  • Adjust the brightness of your METARchart2
  • Set custom rules based on personal or club limits
    e.g. use a pulsing light to denote wind outwith crosswind limits.
  • Set auto-on / auto-off times (e.g. to turn off chart overnight)
  • Simple configuration to connect to your WiFi network, without connecting it physically.

How do I upgrade my METARchart?

You will need a Mac, Windows, or Linux PC. It is not possible to perform the upgrade using an Android or iOS device like a tablet or smartphone.

The updater is slightly different based on your current chart, so please eMail tower@metarcharts.co.uk with the serial number (should be on the small circuit board visible on the back of your map) and we'll send you the correct update files.

Unplug your METARchart from the power supply, and connect to the USB port of your computer.

On windows, double click the metarupdate.exe application and select "Serial" when prompted. Ignore any error messages and your METARchart will flicker a few times during this process and then light entirely in blue.

On Mac or Linux, you will need to open a Terminal window (on the Mac this is in Applications - Utilities - Terminal) and then run the "metarupdate.py" file. Your METARchart will reboot, then light entirely in blue.

Connecting to WiFi

After updating, your METARchart will need to be reconnected to your WiFi.

Connect the METARchart to the power supply and it will light entirely in blue.

Using your computer, tablet, or phone search for the WiFi Network "MetarChart" and connect to it.

On the webpage that appears, you can enter your WiFi network name and password, save, and the chart will reboot and connect to your WiFi.

You can now login here to manage your METARchart!

Future Updates

You'll never need to do this agian. Future updates will be downloaded automatically from the internet and installed overnight.

Get In Touch

Questions? Comments? looking for a custom METARchart for your home or business?

eMail tower@metarcharts.co.uk