Military Colours

Your METAR chart can be configured to use the standard RAF military colours to indicate weather conditions.

What do the colours mean?

The military use a standardised colour code in their METARs. When a chart is in military mode the following colours are used;

Colour CodeMinimum Cloud Base (SCT or more)Minimum Visibility
REDBelow 200' (or obscured)Below 800m

Can I pick different colours?

Not in military mode, no.

However, if you have your chart in the normal civilian mode just login here and you can customise the colours for various weather conditions if you prefer (or if you want a true ICAO green/red VMC/IMC indicator).

We tried out lots of colours in designing METARchart and think the standard colours look best, so they're always just a click away.

(You may also occasionally see a dark blue colour where no information is available from that airport, this is currently not customisable)

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